Placing the Fez of Past Grand High Priestess Lady Mary Ann McGuire-Bonney in the display cabinet at the Shriners' Hospital for Children, Honolulu, Hawaii. This was done at the Hospital visit during the Western Area Organized Unit Meet, September, 2012.

Pictured from left to right: Lady Kathy Waracka, Lady Sylvia Ching, PHP, Lady Stella Carter, HP, Lady Barbara Sheeder, PGHP Lady Charlene Carpenter, Grand Officer Lady Janet Larson, Grand Officer Lady Joy Moore, PGHP Judith Cline-Junkins, Lady Gail Longstreth, PHP, and GHP Lady Carol Sue Roberts.

Hawaii Court No. 60 of the Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America (LOSNA) was established March 27, 1952. Lady Mary K. Robinson was the first High Priestess of Hawaii and served the first two years, in 1952-53 and 1953-54.

In 1976, Hawaii Court hosted a very successful Grand Council Session of the Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America. Nearly 1,000 members from across the North American continent attended the Session and Hawaii Court's Lady Mary Ann McGuire-Bonney, PHP, reigned as Grand High Priestess during the year.

The Court and its members are dedicated in their work supporting Shriners' Hospitals for Children for over 60 years. The Court helps provide financial support to the network of Shriners' Hospitals throughout North America through the Grand Council of Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America. Hawaii Court Ladies devote their time assisting in the recreation therapy department of the Honolulu Hospital through annual Easter and Halloween parties and monthly Bingo games with the children.

Hawaii Court No. 60 has a performing unit called the Pacific Pearls. Hawaii Court and the Pacific Pearls hosted the successful 2012 Western Area Organized Unit Meet at the Pacific Beach Hotel at Honolulu, Hawaii. Hawaii Court No. 60 is looking forward to hosting the 104th Grand Council Session of the Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America in May, 2018.

To learn more about LOSNA, see the website for the Grand Council, Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America